"A Good Developer Resume" PDF

A little history on how The Tech Resume Inside Out came to be.

Shortly after COVID-19 hit full force, and layoffs started, I was wondering how I can help. I offered free resume reviews to devs looking for jobs:

I expected a handful of requests, but got more than 300. There was no way I could give detailed feedback, with my full-time job. I needed to somehow scale myself. So I reviewed the first 50 in detail, then created a PDF with the most common feedback that came my way, and shared this with others, giving pointers on the way. Here's that original PDF that I sent out:

A Good Developer Resume.pdf

This PDF is 14 pages, I wrote it in a few hours. The advice is probably better advice than most websites will give you.

I spent another 3 months on the book, working with more than 20 tech recruiters and hiring managers, and adding several examples. The book is free for any developer who is currently out of a job.

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