What a Good Developer
Resume Looks Like

A practical guide written by the people who do the resume screening: engineering managers and recruiters working at tech companies. Free for developers out of a job.

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Written by people who run the tech hiring process

Authored and reviewed by experienced hiring managers and technical recruiters at tech companies.


Gergely Orosz Uber, Microsoft, Skype, Skyscanner

Technical reviewers

James Stanier Director of Engineering, Shopify
Patrick Kua Tech Lead Academy, N26, Thoughtworks
Sofi Djelassi Miro, Uber, Atlassian, Spotify
Manan Patel Coinbase, Uber
Matt Dickenson Square, Uber
Rodrigo Pimentel Director of Engineering, Stream
Angelica Shah Uber, Airbnb
Keki Mwaba Disney Streaming Services, Uber


Mike Reeves-McMillan Author of The Well Presented Manuscript

Contributing Experts

Blake Stockman Outrider, Google, Facebook, Uber, Flexport
Victoria Farrelly Uber, Booking.com, ING
Ken Liu Microsoft, Skype, Microsoft Game Studios
Jorick Thijs Polderman Transferwise, Randstad
Veronika Nagy Uber, Capgemini, Mobgen
Chukwuemeka Ugorji Facebook, Andela
Sebastian Prieto Tovar Uber, Nike
Amy Miller Recruiting in Yoga Pants, Amazon, Google, Microsoft
José Marchena Coffee with a Recruiter, Talentful
Claire Taylor Uber university & campus recruitment
Monica Lent Affilimate, SumUp
Jordan Bonnet Uber, Prebook
Neville Kuyt Equal Experts, AKQA
Csudi Csudutov Mimox
Yinka Coker Andela
Konstanty Sliwowski Caissa, Mentor Club
Steve Ball CTO at high-growth startups

What's Included

  • 215 pages
  • PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats
  • 17 contributing tech industry experts
  • 3 resume templates crafted for the book
  • 5 resume improvement case studies
  • 10 popular resume templates analyzed
  • Bonus chapter on COVID-19

Book Contents

Actionable advice on how to write a good tech resume or CV for developer or engineering manager positions. See the full table of contents.

The Hiring Pipeline

Behind the scenes: how the hiring process works at large tech companies, startups, and companies in-between.

Inside Out Tips

Over 25 different insights and detailed advice from hiring managers and tech recruiters.

"Before" and "After" Examples

Real-world resume snippets, mistakes and improvements with explanations on why the changes were made.

ATS Resume Myths Busted

People working day-in, day-out with ATSes share the facts about how ATS systems work. Real people look at resumes, not robots.

Resume templates and CV examples

Free and paid templates that you can start using, and real resumes that performed well with tech companies.

Beyond the Resume

Advice on how to have LinkedIn, GitHub, technical blogs and cover letters help with your job search.

Who This Book Is For

The book is tailored for developers and engineering managers.

Software Developers and Software Engineers

The main focus of the book: from the new grad and bootcamp grad levels, through junior engineers, all the way to advice for seniors.

Senior and Above Engineers

The more experienced you are, the trickier it is to balance fitting all your experience on one or two pages, versus focusing on key areas. The book contains specific advice for people with lots of experience under their belt.

Tech leads and Engineering Managers

The book covers these roles separately, with tailored advice.

Data Scientists, SREs and Coding IC Roles

Data scientists and SREs have seen good success with the book, as most of the advice for developers can be transferred for disciplines where writing code is part of the day-to-day.

Success Stories & Book Reviews

"The book and videos broke my fear around writing a resume that will get the recruiters' attention. Understanding which job postings were a good mutual match allowed me to focus my energy on the right opportunities. I ended up getting way more screening calls than expected and will start my new job soon!"
Senior DevOps Engineer
"I refined my resume based on the book and started applying for jobs last month. I got replies from pretty much everyone - that's rare in my experience. I closed a job offer last week - in a bit over a month! My best investment of the year 👌🏼"
Software Architect
"I redid my CV following the advice in the book. The response rate for my applications increased by a large margin. A few weeks later, I had multiple, good offers. I just started at my new job - thank you!"
Freelancer, senior software engineer
"After updating my resume I started getting so many more calls from recruiters. I’ve now accepted a job offer as a senior developer at a local startup. Thanks so much!"
Munasir Priom
Senior software engineer
"If you want to represent who you are on your resume and get a response, this is the book for you. This guide will provide you actionable steps to get your resume into top-notch shape from a resume expert in the industry."
Senior engineer and author of The Standout Developer
"This guide has served to me as a glue to all the advice I've received from others and my reading. Simply put: a resume's purpose makes more sense and I feel much more empowered in my career."
Full-stack software developer at IBM
"I've been a hiring manager for 25 years now and I can find little substantive to add to the excellent advice in the book. Hopefully, this book will help the awesome developers stand out more effectively!"
CTO at high-growth startups
"I love that the book covers how things work on the recruitment side. As a candidate, I had no idea what goes behind the scenes in the hiring process."
Android Developer
"The companies that you want to work for are often the hardest to get into. Gergely condensed his experience and insights into an actionable guide with examples that make it easier to understand what makes a difference."
Senior Engineering Manager, Skyscanner


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  • PDF, EPUB & MOBI format
  • 215 pages of content
  • 3 tailored resume templates
    (.docx & Google Doc formats)
  • 5 "before" and "after" resume case studies
  • 2 hours video: book summary & additional commentary by the author
  • 170 slides for the video content
  • $15 worth of access to The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

The book is tailored for developers and engineering managers applying for positions. It is especially relevant for tech companies with US headquarters, for the "big tech" companies, unicorns, and fast-growing tech startups. The principles of the guide likely translate to other companies.

Can I share this book with a group?

If you purchase an individual license, please respect the terms, and do not distribute for others. The book comes DRM-free to make your personal use easy.
Group licenses are availble here (the book / complete package):

Is there a Kindle version?

While the book is not on the Amazon Kindle store, you can send the MOBI version over to your Kindle. Just follow the steps described here, and add support@gumroad.com as an Approved Personal Document E-Mail list. Once you set this up, you get this book on your Kindle with one click.

What companies have readers successfully cleared the resume screen for?

Readers shared how they got interviews with Amazon, Facebook, Google, Stripe, Robinhood, Databricks and Microsoft—all places where I did not hear back with their previous resumes, even though they had the experience and skills the positions asked for - their existing resume just didn't represent them fairly.

I'm not a developer, but work in tech. Is this book for me?

The book is tailored for developers and engineering managers: people I've been a hiring manager for. Data scientists, SREs and other people who write code will also find the book useful. Technical writers, TPMs and PMs have shared how they found the book useful, and successfully applied the tools to craft a better resume. YMMV.

Are there more comprehensive resume guides out there?

I've been trying to recommend a single resource that is tailored for developer resumes. The best resource I previously found was The Google Resume. However, this book is out of print, and it is somewhat out of date. As of 2020, I do not know of a more comprehensive resource for developers, and for tech positions.

Is this guide relevant during the COVID-19 situation?

Yes - in fact, I started to write this book after COVID-19 started and I observe layoffs happen in tech. Before COVID-19, resumes were, admittedly, less important for developers. The guide has a dedicated chapter on COVID-19 changes in the market and what this means when applying.

Is the book endorsed by any of the companies listed on this site?

No. The book shares the personal observations and advice of the author (Gergely Orosz) and contributing industry experts. Even though the author and contributors have worked at a variety of tech companies, there is no "one" way resumes are evaulated at any company or team.

Will I definitely get an interview when applying the contents of this book?

Not by itself. This book will help represent you a fairly with your resume, likely increasing chances of hearing back from positions you have the background they are asking for.

What happened with the beta sales donations?

100% of all the beta sales have been donated to STEM organizations and ones supporting inclusion in tech. All $3,500 was donated: $2,150 to Hack Your Future, $850 to Anamaki STEM Academy and $500 to Diversify Tech.

Can you review my resume or CV?

I wrote this book, as I had too many resume review requests coming my way. This book captures all the feedback I've given, and more. I do not do resume reviews. However, the book links to forums where you can get feedback from peers.

What is the refund policy?

I want to make sure you're happy with the purchase. If you are not happy, for whatever reason, send a message to book (at) thetechresume.com with the subject "Refund" and you'll get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

I have a different question.

Send me a message at book (at) thetechresume.com and I'll try to get back to you.


About the Author

I write The Pragmatic Engineer (the #1 newsletter for software engineers) and am an advisor at mobile.dev, where we are building the new standard for mobile development.

As a hiring manager, I've reviewed hundreds of developer resumes at Uber and Skyscanner. In May 2020, I offered to give resume feedback for developers impacted by COVID-19. I was overwhelmed, with over 300 requests. I created a short PDF guide, and this was when I decided to write this book.

As I did some early research, I noticed how there is much confusing and incorrect information on the internet on tech resumes. I wanted this book to be both useful and factually correct. So I reached out to the most experienced technical recruiters and hands-on hiring managers in my network for help. About two dozen professionals offered to help with additional input and reviews.

The result is this book, that is likely the most complete resource for developer and engineering manager resumes as of 2020. I hope it will help you in your job search!

Follow me on Twitter at @GergelyOrosz, connect on Linkedin or read my articles on software engineering and career growth on PragmaticEngineer.com.