Table of Contents

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Part 1: Resumes and the Hiring Process

1. Why Resumes and CVs are Important

  • The Goal of a Resume
  • Good Resumes, Great Resumes
  • Why LinkedIn is Not Enough
  • A Resume Is (Still) Not Enough

2. The Hiring Pipeline

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3. Resumes and COVID-19

  • The COVID-19 Job Market
  • The COVID-19 Hiring Pipeline: What Hiring Managers Say
  • COVID-19 and New Grads/Interns
  • Experienced Engineers and The Need For Resumes During COVID-19

Part 2: Writing the Resume

4: Tech Resume Basics

  • The First Glance
  • Ground Rules
  • Simplicity and Consistency
  • Avoiding Biases: Personal Details and Photos
  • Recap: Actions to Improve Your Resume

5. Resume Structure

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6. Standing Out

  • Results, Impact and Your Contribution
  • Don't Be Humble
  • Write a Resume for That Job
  • Different Companies, Different Focus
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Recap: Actions to Improve Your Resume

8. Different Experience Levels, Different Career Paths

  • Current college and university students
  • Bootcamp grads
  • Career Changers
  • Career Breaks
  • Senior and Above Engineers
  • Tech Leads
  • Engineering Managers

9. Exercises to Polish Your Resume

  • Write Two Different Resumes
  • Find Out the Impact of Your Past Projects
  • Do a Grammar Check, Not Just a Spellcheck
  • Ask for Friends or Family to Proofread
  • Get Feedback on the Internet
  • Keyword Check for That Position
  • Recap: Actions to Improve Your Resume

10. Beyond the Resume

  • LinkedIn Profile
  • GitHub
  • Technical Blogs
  • StackOverflow, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and Other Social Sites
  • Cover Letters
  • Recap: Actions to Improve Your Application Beyond the Resume

Part 3: Examples and Inspiration

11. Good Resume Template Principles

12. Resume Templates

  • Resume Generators vs Resume Templates
  • Standard Resume: By Developers, for Developers
  • Template Reviews
  • 7 Recommended Resume Templates
  • 7 Other Resume Templates

13. Resume Improvement Examples

  • Software Engineer with 2 Years Experience
  • Machine Learning Engineer with 5 Years Experience
  • Backend Developer with 6 Years Experience
  • Remote Software Engineer With 8 Years Experience
  • SRE Engineer with 20 Years Experience
  • Other Real Resume Examples

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